Friday, March 13, 2015

Will T. Scott parachutes into lead

Gubernatorial candidate and former Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Will T. Scott will perform a 3500 foot parachute jump to honor Kentucky's veterans on Monday, March 16 at 11 am ET in Elizabethtown, KY. The jump will take place at Skydive Kentucky, Elizabethtown Airport, 1824 Kitty Hawk Drive in Elizabethtown.

The jump will take place promptly at 11 am ET (weather permitting -- may have to wait briefly for 3500 foot ceiling). After the jump, Justice Scott and his running mate Sheriff Rodney Coffey will lay out their Kentucky Veterans Platform, including the following: 

The Scott-Coffey Administration's veteran-friendly focus will provide enhanced job preferences for veterans. Scott will continue his efforts and support for Kentucky Supreme Court Veterans treatment courts he helped build for veterans' "unseen" wounds. Scott and Coffey will work to enact a charitable property tax exemption for veterans' non-profit lodges like those in Ohio. Scott and Coffey will build veterans cemeteries in far western Kentucky and far south-eastern Kentucky. 

Scott and Coffey will announce and discuss their Kentucky Korean and Vietnam veterans "Coming Home March" for the afternoon of December 8, 2015 immediately following the swearing in of our next Governor and Lieutenant Governor. All Kentucky Korean and Vietnam war veterans will be encouraged to assemble at the Old Transportation Building Plaza in Frankfort and thereafter walk, march or ride (with or without assistance) up through Capitol Avenue to the Capitol steps, to there be received and welcomed home by a respected national figure and finally thanked for their service and dismissed. 

"After 61 years and 45 years, we are finally coming home," Scott said.

They will also announce and discuss Sheriff Coffey's charitable Wounded Warriors bicycle ride across Kentucky from Ashland to Paducah in April to raise money locally for Wounded Warriors projects.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Will T. Scott: reduce state healthcare regulation

In this time of great upheaval over ObamaCare, Kentucky should repeal state laws limiting the supply of medical services, specifically the "certificate of need" program, former Supreme Court Justice Will T. Scott said.

Repealing certificate of need laws would allow medical providers to expand services without first seeking state government approval. 

"If more government control could make healthcare less expensive, Kentucky would have the cheapest care in the world," Scott said. "Instead, we have regulated ourselves into an expensive mess."

"The federal government gave up on certificate of need in 1987 because they found it did not protect consumers. Our people are my highest priority and I encourage my opponents to speak up on this issue."

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Obama attorney: taxing power for me, but not for thee

In U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments today, ObamaCare attorney Donald Verrilli argued the IRS has the power to mandate ObamaCare taxes and subsidies even when the law does not authorize such action. This power, of course, is found nowhere in the U.S. Constitution or in federal statute.

It simply does not exist, except in the minds of Obamacrats. So, Verrilli maintains, if President Obama wants his IRS to violate the letter and the spirit of the social contract between government and the people in order to tax and subsidize where no such authority exists, that's just fine.

But apparently that's either just a one way street or a power belonging only to Obama.

When Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts asked Verrilli today if a future administration hostile to ObamaCare could decide to revoke the taxes and subsidies he wants them to impose unilaterally now, he said they could not.

If the U.S. Supreme Court rules the IRS needs congressional approval to enforce ObamaCare mandates, taxes and subsidies, the law will effectively collapse right away in most states.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Anthem joins the mid-year rate increase parade

With ObamaCare beneficiaries Kentucky Health Cooperative and Time Insurance Company gaining quiet premium increases in recent weeks, the largest health insurer in the state wants its piece of the pie too.

Anthem Health Plans has requested a "base rate change" effective July 1, but the Department of Insurance's public web site does not specify yet the amount of increase sought. The "Consumer Protection" people at DOI said they would divulge the amount of the increase on Monday.

This is a tax increase like the other ObamaCare tax increases. What's worse, consumers locked into ObamaCare plans no longer have the freedom to drop out their health plans when faced with one of these mid-year increases without becoming subject to the ever-increasing mandated coverage tax.  Frankfort Obamacrats will claim the state Insurance Code gives DOI the right to levy such a tax on Kentuckians whenever they wish, but that only makes it more infuriating.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Will Kentucky ObamaCare melt further after temperatures thaw?

A minor health insurance player in Kentucky just received quiet approval from state insurance bureaucrats to further gouge consumers just as Gov. Beshear triggered a state law designed to prohibit price gouging for other consumer goods. The timing of this price increase suggests other health insurers may soon follow suit.

Time Insurance Company health coverage premiums will increase nine percent in Kentucky on May 1. This comes after Time's fifteen percent increase took effect January 1. And this comes immediately on the heels of Kentucky's largest ObamaCare health insurer receiving multiple rate increases in quick succession.

Late last year, just as the Kentucky Health Cooperative was making headlines for sucking down tens of millions more in federal bailout funds and sacking consumer advocates, it requested a 9.9% rate increase in June and got a fifteen percent increase in September. They came back in October and increased that to twenty percent with a quick assist from the Kentucky Department of Insurance.

We'll be on the lookout for more rate increases in the weeks ahead.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Matt Bevin fell for ObamaCare's next big lie

We all know by now that President Barack Obama was lying when he said if you like your health insurance you can keep it, but Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin apparently didn't get the memo about another lie.

There is no provision in the so-called "Affordable Care Act" for states dumb enough to accept the Medicaid expansion to later rescind their acceptance despite presidential claims to the contrary designed to suck in the unsuspecting. Bevin should have known this. His claim that he would cancel out the Medicaid expansion if he is elected governor holds no water.

Former Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Will T. Scott made headlines last month when he became the first Republican gubernatorial candidate to announce that he would take action to cancel Kynect, the state's ObamaCare health benefit "exchange." Fellow candidates James Comer and Hal Heiner subsequently flip-flopped from their prior positions that they would leave the exchange intact.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Beshear misstates Medicaid expansion statistics

Governor Steve Beshear and his Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange disagree about the total number of Kentuckians placed on Medicaid under ObamaCare -- by over half a million people.

Beshear announced today that 375,000 people were added to Medicaid from October 1, 2013 to the end of 2014. KHBE answered an open records request last November 26 stating "806,783 individuals are currently enrolled in Medicaid through Kynect."

The really odd thing about Beshear's number today is that there were already 310,000 Kentuckians on ObamaCare Medicaid at the end of open enrollment last April. At that time, enrollment for private plans was closed down and the army of ObamaCare sales people turned their focus completely toward signing new people up on Medicaid, aided by a flood of advertising dollars for the various Medicaid plans.

And Beshear now wants you to believe that in seven months they only signed up 65,000 for "free" Medicaid among people who would face fines for not signing up. It's much easier to believe hundreds of thousands were signed up, as KHBE said.

Beshear also said expanded Medicaid under ObamaCare will be responsible for adding 40,000 jobs a year in Kentucky by 2021 and add $30 billion to the state's economy. Skepticism abounds.

Will T. Scott: make the call on pensions

Will T. Scott urged his supporters statewide to call their legislators and demand a "NO" vote on Speaker Greg Stumbo's pension bailout bill, House Bill 4.

"Fixing Kentucky's public pension mess without borrowing us into a deeper hole or raising taxes is one of my highest priorities," Scott said. "We should not have to beg our representatives to lead on this. Pick up your phone and call 800-372-7181 and order them to vote against House Bill 4."

Scott is the only gubernatorial candidate with a plan to solve Kentucky's worst-in-the-nation pension underfunding problem with expanded gambling revenues constitutionally devoted to paying down pension debt.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Will T. Scott urges March caucus for state GOP

Kentucky Republicans should support a plan by Senator Rand Paul to choose a presidential candidate next year in March, before the May primary election, gubernatorial candidate Will T. Scott said.
"Rand is right when he says Kentucky's primary usually comes too late to have our voices heard in a meaningful way," Scott said. We can try a caucus in March this one time and see how it works. I'm sure most Republicans will agree with me." 

Senator Paul will ask county leaders of the Kentucky Republican Party to make this change at the next Central Committee meeting in Bowling Green on March 7.

Friday, January 30, 2015

GOP candidate breaks from pack against ObamaCare

Kentucky must shut down its ObamaCare exchange and GOP gubernatorial candidate Will T. Scott will do that on his first day in office, making him the only candidate holding this position.

"The only thing we get out of surrendering on ObamaCare is Barack Obama's appreciation," Scott said. "My primary opponents already gave up that fight last summer telling the Chamber of Commerce what they wanted to hear. I got in this race to provide leadership, not to go with the flow. The only thing we are getting out of a state-run ObamaCare exchange is the privilege of paying for it. When we shut ours down, the feds will come in and pay for the whole thing. And if the U.S. Supreme Court rules against Obama this summer, the law falls apart completely for the three dozen states without a state exchange. If I'm elected, we will be one of them." 

"I say 'no ObamaCare today, no ObamaCare tomorrow, no ObamaCare ever.'"


Monday, January 26, 2015

Will T. Scott: $34 billion is enough debt

Frankfort Democrats are circling their wagons around plans to plunge Kentucky $3.3 billion deeper into debt to cover years of state pension mismanagement, choosing to ignore the realities that massive taxation or more debt are not solutions to the pension system. Republican gubernatorial candidate Will T. Scott says enough is enough.

"They are just moving debt from one pile to another and, worse than that, if we do this for KTRS we will have to do it for KERS too so that means at least six billion," Scott said. "These same people are pushing casino gambling but they want to spend that revenue on more new programs and that's wrong. The only way to expand gambling in Kentucky is to mandate in the Constitution that ninety five percent of the money goes to fix our $40 billion pension problem."

"Kentucky has the worst pension problem of any state and Frankfort is still trying to poke the problem with a stick. The growing chorus of more debt, more debt, and even more debt isn’t a solution. I'm running for governor because Kentucky has a promise to keep that runs a lot deeper than allowing politicians to vote themselves wealth from taxpayers' pockets."